Revisit, Revise and Reflect

As I sit down to write this, I can hardly believe that November is already here; firstly because – hey – what happened to October?  Secondly, because it’s such a glorious morning that it seems impossible that we are speeding towards the winter.  Winter of course brings its own unique beauty, but more of that another time!

So the sun is shining and lighting up the few leaves still clinging to the horsechestnut tree at the bottom of the garden.  Everything is golden, red, on fire – a truly magnificent picture when one takes the time to actually look, and reflect on what a spectacle there is to see.

It seems to me that we don’t often find the time to reflect – on life, on what we have learned, or even something as simple as what we enjoyed last week; how much fun it was to laugh with a friend, or how satisfying to finish that book.  We are all so busy moving on to the next thing we want to get done, that we almost just view everything as something to be accomplished, ticked off the list, without taking the time to be present.

This came home to me in a big way this weekend, as I sat down to write the content for our November workshop.  It felt good to dig out lots of yoga books, research the theory content, revise my own learning, revist and review my own training – something which it occured to me as not only highly important, but also highly enjoyable.  It freshened me up, and reminded me why I love what I do.

As a yoga teacher, I believe that it’s imperative to challenge oneself, to keep learning, and also re-learning so that our knowledge stays current and our teaching doesn’t become stale.  As a human being, this is equally important.  Take time – to live now, to enjoy whatever you are presently engaged in.  Take time to reflect on it when it’s over, work out what felt so great, and then do more of it!  Revisit what you have learned, revise it from time to time, you’ll be amazed at how reinvigorated this can make you feel!

Enjoy November in all it’s glory.  My challenge is to write and teach an interesting, fresh feeling and enjoyable workshop for you all on 28 November, and I for one can’t wait!  What’s your challenge going to be this month?  Take some to reflect, then go for it!

See you on the mat!


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